Scheer Madness

Kaylor Betts: How to Take Back your Power with your Health

March 22, 2023 Rachel Scheer
Scheer Madness
Kaylor Betts: How to Take Back your Power with your Health
Show Notes

Today, on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Kaylor Betts, Founder & Host of the “Mental Wealth Podcast”, ranked in the top 1.5% most popular podcasts globally. Kaylor dives into the importance of our early years, and how the experiences and environments one is exposed to during our childhood can shape the way we see the world, and the way our subconscious mind is programmed to see ourselves and the world around us. Kaylor notes that this, in turn, has a significant impact on the health and wellness decisions we make today. 

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 5:13 What is a Mental Wealth Coach?
  • 13:10 Kaylor’s take on Clinical Professionals
  • 26:49 Is there a Stronger Driver than Money in the Healthcare Industry?
  • 40:40 One of the Best Metrics to Quantify How Much You’ve Healed
  • 44:18 The 4 R’s to Healing
  • 49:52 The Dangers of Giving Over Your Inner Peace to the Conditional World
  • 57:18 Kaylor’s Take on the Belief that it is a “Man’s World” 
  • 1:11:48 Where to “Check Out” Kaylor

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