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Jay Ferruggia: How to Reach Optimal Health at Any Age

April 26, 2023 Rachel Scheer
Scheer Madness
Jay Ferruggia: How to Reach Optimal Health at Any Age
Show Notes

Today, on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Jay Ferrugia, a fitness industry OG who has been helping people get jacked and strong since 1994. As the founder of Renegade Strength & Conditioning, he started one of the original underground, warehouse style gyms, where he trained countless high school, college and pro athletes. Jay speaks on his take on achieving an Optimal Body Composition. Jay dives into his recommended optimal macronutrient ranges, the importance of quality sleep, his take on why he believes Diet is more important than Fitness, and more, to ultimately explain that an Optimal Body Composition is indeed possible, and achievable. 

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 5:26 Is it Harder to Overcome Being Skinny Fat or Overweight?
  • 6:54 What is the Most Important Thing to Focus On to have one’s Body Composition be more Optimal?
  • 13:54 What does an Optimal Body Composition look like for a Man?
  • 17:05 What is a Good Macronutrient Range for Most Men who want to get to an Optimal Body Composition?
  • 20:42 Diet vs Fitness…which one is more important for Optimal Body Composition?
  • 24:18 What are Some Things that Help Optimize Muscle Gain?
  • 38:34 Should We Always Go Toward Failure?
  • 49:26 What are the Top Roadblocks Getting in the Way of Achieving an Optimal Body Composition?
  • 58:56 How to Connect with Jay
  • 59:13 Outro

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